From two sheets of plywood

Cooking is art, right?  We needed new bookcases for our kitchen area.  So we came up with the idea to replace our kitchen table with one from IKEA that has two leaves and six drawers.  Then we thought of 3 book cases with a top of to unify.  Since we are endowed with lots of wood in the kitchen, we went with oak veneer plywood.  The results are pretty good.

Our 2nd daughter needed a table for her senior show in graphic design, so of course that left over 2 by 4 piece of oak plywood had a use.  After repeatedly watching the guy of You Tube on how to make a table with removable legs, I made one also. This one needed to be tall, for the purposes of displaying her computer work.

Two pieces of plywood, some oak 2×2 and 1×3 and trim, blood (literally) sweat and no tears we had used it all.

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