Direct Approach to Watercolor – week 1

In class with Nancy Macgregor, we who were first timers in her studio classes worked on a color wheel.  The goal was to get primary and secondary colors along with three neutral grey colors by mixing the three primary colors.  It turns out that in comparison to my acrylic color wheel, that the blue is not as strong.  I was also used to making wetter paint, and so to be bold these were to be “thicker”. My red and green first try were kind of weak, my blue was soupy.  My orange was yellowish.  I did ok on yellow and purple.  The neutrals in the center are mixes of opposites.  Well, if your secondary mix is off you had to play with your “neutral” for a while.

We also did a couple of washes, yellow over purple, leaving a brown in the overlap.


Next week washes.

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